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Welcome to Banned Retro: A Truly Unique Experience

As you walk down the street you feel the eyes upon you. The eyes of others captivated with your shoes, your dress or your bag.

They have never seen style and design like this before. You stand out from the crowd around you. You are ahead of the trends. You set your own pace.

“Where did she get that bag?”

“I’ve never seen shoes like that before.”

“That cardigan is incredible!”

From subtle style setters like your Lifeforms Petticoat to your quirky Cat Scallop Cardigan, you are turning heads and making minds around you race. You are not a follower of fashion. You are a leader.

The ranges at Banned Retro are designed to bring a completely unique experience to your fashion and accessory wear. Drawing inspiration from highlights of the past, from the roaring ‘20s to the daring ‘70s, our collections of hand designed products are like no other.

Created for those who appreciate retro flair and outstanding style, the product ranges born at Banned Retro combine the “wow” factor with desire, admiration and surprise to bring your look to a new level of incredible.

Some people say never look back, but at Banned Retro we are proud to look back and present you with fashion and accessory wear that highlights the iconic and stunning styles of the past.

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